Sisu Supreme Miltivitamin with Iron

Sisu Supreme Miltivitamin with Iron

Daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, now with Boron and Vitamin K

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  • contains no calcium and magnesium as these minerals should be taken separately at a higher dose than can be fit into a mulitvitamin formula.
  • contains a full complex of B vitamins that help to support brain function, nervous system and cardiovascular health.
  • enhanced with Vitmain K and boron to support bone health.
  • contains high potency Vitamin B to help with daily stress.
  • formulated with Ester-C:  a less acidic Vitamin C that has been proven to last up to 24 hours in the white blood cells of the immune system.
  • contains lutein for eye and vision health.
  • rapid absorption as the trace minerals are in citrate or chelate form.
  • contains enhanced antioxidant bioflavonoids from citrus fruits.
  • easy to swallow vegetarian capsules.
  • contains no gluten.
  • contains no peanuts.

Supreme Multivitamin with Iron is the first Canadian multivitamins to contain these two nutrients (which have only just been approved for use in Canada). Vitamin K and Boron promote bone health.

Apart from the overall health benefits that can come from improving your nutrition, Supreme Multivitamin is a superior quality multivitamin that offers several additional benefits not found in regular multivitamins, such as stress and immune support. 

(Actual size of the bottle120 caps) - Bonus bottle is only available periodically.