Feeling Low in Energy? Fix The Energy Holes (Part 2 of 2)

Physical factors for low energy

If we are feeling low in energy, maybe there can be life-style related issues, mind/body physical imbalance reasons or nutritional deficiencies…

In part one, we discussed the root causes for drainage of energy in our life styles, how we think and feel, their effects on our energy level and some strategies or tips to find out solutions from a holistic life style perspective.

Now we can identify the reasons that might affect our bodies’ energy from a physical perspective. Food is the main fuel for energy in our physical bodies. It seems that we are having a great diet but how come we feel low in energy? The answer is that either the food has changed or our bodies are not able to absorb the nutrients that we need for energy. It is very important that we have a balanced, nutritional diet in our life that can fuel our minds and bodies. Whole food, seasonal, local fruits and vegetables, preferably organic/NON-GMO food that we have traditionally eaten with our families and ancestors can be a good start. An understanding of how our foods and soil have changed and how much we can be deficient or overloaded in inflammation causing foods, can help us identify the reasons why we are low in energy. “Why food looks good but has nutritional deficiencies itself” can be another blog by itself.

Here we would like to understand what factors in our bodies that can affect low energy:

There are many reasons which affect us to have low energy. This includes deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, imbalances in our hormones and glands that are not functioning in an optimum level in our bodies. Stress is a major contributor to imbalance major glands like Adrenal gland and major gland Thyroid. Toxin overload in our bodies, gut imbalances, not enough good bacteria in our intestines can affect how we absorb nutrients from our food.

So you can start by talking to your doctor to get a full lab test done for deficiencies if you are feeling low in energy like Vitamin D, B12 and Iron. If there is stress involved in our lives, it is very important to consider its effects on Adrenal gland. This gland helps us to adapt to stress and have the energy to deal with our issues. If not handled in the long term it can affect our Thyroid gland too. So many people, who are stressed with low energy, have difficulties losing weight due to this reason. Therefore, you can have your Thyroid tested with a full panel (TSH, T4, T3). If women are in transitional periods like pre-menopause, hormonal changes can impact our energy and mood. We can consider that as a reason for lack of energy as well.

Busy life style, that you don’t have time for exercise, also affects our low energy. Life style changes will help. You need to build your discipline for fitness activities that will give you more energy and happiness in life. In addition to fitness activities, nutritional supplements and healthy diet can help you in a major way to repair and rejuvenate.

We want to improve the followings in our diets:

  • Increase healthy fats: Fish oils, flax oil, coconut oil (healthy fats are building blocks of healthy brain and heart)
  • Increase intake of Probiotics and fermented foods: good bacteria in the gut help the absorption of the nutrients from the food.
  • Reduce coffee (in general) as source of energy and drink more green tea in the morning. Caffeine in the coffee is the nervous system stimulant however the caffeine in the green tea is not nervous system stimulant. Green tea gives energy in a more natural way. It has natural occurring L-theanine which reduces stress, calms brain down but gives alertness, boosts dopamine and GABA.
  • Start the day with good source of protein: eggs, protein shakes: Whey protein or plant based protein
  • Add greens: alkalize body, brings down inflammation, promotes gentle detoxification, good for weight loss, full of antioxidants, rejuvenates and energizes, fibre.
  • A B complex supplement can help boost the energy. If you are Vegan or Vegetarian, B12 is necessary.
  • If you are low in Vitamin D or B12, take them in the morning.
  • If you are low in Iron, take it away from dairy and calcium supplements, coffee or black tea for best absorption. You may take it with more vitamin Bs (Bcomplex) and Vit C for better absorption.
  • Take the adrenal support supplements, Thyroid support (if the lab test shows imbalance). Some of these herbal remedies contain Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Vit Bs, Vit C.
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of alkaline/filtered/ionized/mineralized water. This will energize every cell in the body, it promotes gentle detoxification, help with losing weight.
  • Meals are important. If you are busy and not eating enough food for your energy, find a time that you can sit and eat without hurry or distraction, in nature preferably for 10-20 min. If lunch or meal time is not possible, have whole food based, nutritious snacks many times during day, protein bars, raw unsalted almond, Brazilian nuts (other nuts in moderation), veggie and hummus and berries. Invest in more NON_GMO and organics if you can. Some people eat more coffee, sugar and sweets or simple carbohydrates to compensate for low energy. This gives them a short term boost in energy, however it is not healthy since it will increase the blood sugar and in long term might cause diabetes.
  • Super food from Peru, Maca is great for balancing hormones for pre-menopause or menopause, stress, energizing and rejuvenating.

It is important to modify our diet and lifestyle slowly. Each person is different. We need to find the root cause first and address the right issue.

Note: Please check with your doctor for any changes in your diet or taking natural supplements. Natural supplements may have contraindications with other medications.


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