Feeling Low in Energy? Fix The Energy Holes (Part 1 of 2)

School has started. Everyone is returned from beautiful places and vacations, and you are thinking to yourself, back to work with busy lifestyle, driving children to after school programs and soccer, making school lunches?

It is already mid-September and feeling low in energy, although there is beautiful sunny weather…

If this is how you feel, maybe there can be life-style related issues, mind/body physical reasons or deficiencies?

How can we find out?

Our mind and body are so connected. How we think and feel will reflect on our physical bodies after a while. In this part, we discuss more on drainage of our energy due to factors of our life style and mind. In the next Part, we will talk about more physical reasons and nutritional deficiencies that affect our energies.

For many years I was looking for happiness and living a life full of energy. Here are what I found out through reading so many books, going to so many self-developmental workshops, energy healings and researching human biology.

Here are some tips to preserve energy in your body and mind and experiencing a happier mood:

  • Living a holistic life style is to realize the connections between the mind and body. Finding the root cause of unhappiness and low-energy will help us live a life full of positive energy. Sometimes we lose our energy when we are with wrong people! Modifying our relationships, changing the environment we live in, or unwanted jobs can help.
  • Listening to your gut, it is the best healer or helper to find the root cause of drainage of our energy. Where is the hole that our energy is leaking?
  • Stop comparing your life with others; start appreciating what you have; there is the reason you have unique qualities that no other person has.
  • Doing more of what you like, for example: spending more time with friends, if you are an extrovert. Start little, small steps. If you are busy, include one thing every week for half an hour; a time dedicated to you and friends (whom they resonate with your energy). You can manage it.
  • If you are an introvert, start spending quality time with yourself. You can take a minimum of half an hour every day, recharging, do what you enjoy, for example: writing, painting.

Energized day routine can look like the following:

  • Walk the dog or yourself every day in the morning for 20 min, preferably in the nature/trails/parks.
  • Yoga/meditation can help to connect mind and body.
  • Any kind of fitness/exercise (individual/group) that can move our blockages.
  • Proper nutrition will make sure that your body has the right fuel to burn for energy. Find a healthy, whole food based diet; with enough protein, lots of fresh vegetables, high in fibre and good fats (omega3s).
  • Every night give yourself massage with coconut oil to relieve the stress and anxiety (or you can ask your partner!).
  • Every night: be grateful for what you have. Write 3 points every night.
  • You can enjoy your Work with this lifestyle more! If your chosen work is the one that enjoy so much that you forget you are working, then you are on the right path!
  • Healing sessions, acupuncture to move the chi vital energy or massage therapy, Spa days, therapy/counselling, dancing, music are many different ways you can find your energy back!

Above all, lowering expectations from others can help keep the focus and energy on you.

We are on the path to find self-love through practice of finding what we need in ourselves (self-healing). Self development and especially spiritual growth can help anyone reach a happier state with more energy. You can then have a more meaningful life in which you can help others and that satisfy the soul. The question is: The things that you do in life, or people around you in your life, are they for you because you love them or you want them for status/power/money?

We can fix the energy holes and have more energy in our life to enjoy…


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