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Health Works, A Holistic Health Centre Corp. is your local North Vancouver health food store. We welcome you and would like to invite you to visit us in the beautiful Edgemont Village (North Vancouver, BC).

We are grateful to be part of this amazing community of health conscious individuals and families, who are always seeking to be active, fit and healthy for more than 15 years. At our place, you can find compassionate and caring professionals and practitioners who can help you find what you need to find your balance in mind, body and soul. Our customers have chosen us as one of their favorites on the North Shore.

We offer a great selection of nuritional supplements like natural, organic and NON-GMO vitamins, minerals, superfoods and proteins, good fats and fibres, herbals, homeopathic remedies, personal care, alkaline water, infrared sauna, Shiatsu massage and nutritional/life style consulting.

Send us an email with the code “sunshine” and get your free infrared sauna session booked. It is great way to manage your pain, weight and detox!

We believe in “prevention is better than a cure”… We spread love, light and holistic health…

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Health Works, A Holistic Health Centre Corp.

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